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Gentle Foundations for Parenting

 ________Make your home a happy home ________

Are you tired of the same old behavioural issues with your child?

Tired of time-outs, spankings, punishments, and other general parenting tips not working?

Tired of feeling frustrated and angry?

Gentle Foundations for Parenting is a FREE course to totally transform your home.

You’ll learn the Gentle Parenting techniques needed to end power struggles and drama and to increase the peace!

What Will You Learn In This Gentle Parenting Course?

*Full Introduction to Gentle Parenting

*Why and How to Validate Your Child’s Feelings

*How to Use Positive Language to Change Your Home

*Natural Consequences for Discipline


Who is This Course For?

Expecting Parents

If you’re pregnant and expecting your first child this is actually the BEST time to learn about Gentle Parenting. Equip yourself with the tools you need now for when your young one gets older. Intentional parenting takes consistent learning, and the Gentle Foundations course will prepare you with a solid, positive foundation as a parent.

New Parents

Have you recently just welcomed your first child into the world? You might feel like discipline is far away, or that it will come naturally to you when the time comes. The Gentle Foundations course will prepare you NOW with the habits and skills you need to be a positive parent.

Seasoned Parents

You might already have a few kids but might feel like your usual discipline strategies aren’t working. This free course is definitely for you. You will learn how to take a gentle approach to parenting to transform your entire home. Your relationship with your children will completely change as you let go of anger and past hurts, and learn how to respectfully discipline your children.

About the Gentle Foundations Creator

Lizzy Mash is an Early Childhood Educator currently living in Africa as a missionary. She works with children and mothers on a daily basis and advocates for better education and positive parenting. On her website, The Moving Mama, she teaches moms how to take an effective approach to parenting by using Gentle Parenting techniques. She has a special burden for the Christian moms out there who are looking for a truly Biblical way to discipline their kids that does not include spanking or other forms of corporal punishment.