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Make Your Home a Happy Home


Mom Anger Doesn’t Have to Hurt So Bad

Make Your Home a Happy Home What's in the course? Gentle Parenting introduction. Strategies to prevent tantrums and outbursts. Techniques to keep your cool during difficult parenting moments. How to discipline your child so they learn to desire to do the right thing....

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How to Manage Different Parenting Styles on a Playdate

Do you ever have a hard time with mom friends who parent differently than you? Maybe you prefer positive discipline and you’re not comfortable with the way your friend parents their child. Here’s what you can say to your friend so it doesn’t interfere with your friendship, without coming off as judgmental or critical.

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The Moving Mama

The Moving Mama

Lizzy Mash is an experienced early childhood educator now living in Africa as a missionary working with children and families.

She teaches Christian moms how to take a more respectful and Christ-like approach to motherhood by using Gentle Parenting strategies.

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