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Everything you need to know to gently discipline your 3 year old, using tried and true Gentle Parenting approved strategies. Help your 3 year old to learn to do what’s right.

6 straightforward ways to overcome your mom anger. You might be surprised to find that many moms actually struggle with anger (but also struggle to talk about). You’re not alone and here’s how you can overcome it!

Read the basics of the Gentle Parenting strategies that have changed families all over the world. Learn the ins and outs of this life changing approach to discipline.

Ouch! Have you ever been hit by your toddler before, but totally unable to offer a kind and helpful reaction? Learn here how to respond for next time.

Hi, I’m Lizzy Mash

I’m a mom on a mission – to help frustrated moms begin to implement Gentle Parenting to transform their homes. I advocate for peaceful, positive parenting strategies that will totally change the way you see parenting.

Let me teach you about Gentle Parenting to transform discipline in your home. Learn how to use positive discipline to teach your child how to handle their emotions, overcome conflict, consider the feelings of others and so much more.

Gentle Parenting will change your life.

What is Gentle Parenting?

Gentle Parenting is a long term approach to discipline that respects the child as a whole person and values the feelings of the child.

It seeks to teach children to do what’s right out of a heartfelt willingness to do what’s good by using love, patience and positive words over fear or punishment.

And it sets firm boundaries to establish consistent and realistic expectations while allowing natural consequences to take place.

It equips the child with age appropriate skills to nurture independence.

Toddler Discipline

At 1 years old you might start to realize that your child’s new found autonomy has made need for discipline. But how do you really discipline a 1 year old? Here’s what you need to know.

Here’s everything you need to know about disciplining a 2 year old using the Gentle Parenting strategies. These strategies aim to teach children to choose to do the right thing, instead of being motivated by the fear of punishment.

Everything you need to know to gently discipline your 3 year old, using tried and true Gentle Parenting approved strategies. Help your 3 year old to learn to do what’s right.

All the general toddler discipline tips you need in one place.

Does Gentle Parenting work with the Christian faith?

Gentle Parenting displays Jesus’ peace, mercy, and forgiveness. Gentle Parenting presents the Gospel to children in a way that allows for the growth of genuine faith.

It teaches them to love God with joy and awe, rather than with the fear of parental or spiritual punishment.

As an experienced missionary working with 100s of children in Africa, I have seen first hand the effectiveness of Gentle Parenting. I believe that Gentle Parenting is a Christ-like Christian Parenting technique. It honours children and the way God created them. 

Is Spanking Biblical?

Read these top posts and hear what the have to say about spanking as physical punishment, the science behind it and what the Bible really says.

Is Gentle Parenting Biblical?

Some may say that any discipline that doesn’t use spanking goes against the Bible. But what does the Bible really say? Could Gentle Parenting be in line with the Christian faith?

Hebrew Explanation of the 'Rod' Verses About Spanking Children

Many people say the Bible commands spanking, but take a look at the ‘rod; verses with their Hebrew translations to decide for yourself.

5 Gentle Parenting Tips for a Happier Home

#1. Nurture your relationship with your children

Every day is a chance to lay another brick to build a strong foundation of love and trust. Prioritize relationship building moments to create an environment of love and respect. One of the most important things a child needs in order to have a successful future is a warm, trusting adult relationship. Do not worry that your affection will spoil your child.

#2. Empower your children with independent skills

When you see your child as capable and you teach them new life skills, you are empowering them to do more for themselves. This will decrease power struggles and will build their confidence. When a toddler can get dressed (mostly) on their own this will decrease tantrums when they are getting dressed. For an older child, teaching them new skills will boost their confidence and help them do things for their self.

#3. Speak positively

In times of calm and in times of chaos, let the words from your mouth be positive and uplifting. Use your words to encourage your children with positive comments like, “I really like how you helped your brother clean up his mess.” In times of conflict stay calm and use words that put a positive spin on things. If you have a hard time staying calm you might want to grab these free positive mom affirmation cards. Never use your words to shame or embarrass your child, or to yell or hurt them. Stay patient even when you feel frustrated.

#4. Validate your child’s feelings

Eliminate phrases like, “Stop crying,” and “Calm down,” from your vocabulary. Allow your child to have emotions and help them to process what they are feeling. Comfort them with a hug or just letting them know you are nearby if they need anything. Even when they are feeling angry allow them to feel that way. Afterward,  you can help them to understand the situation better and reflect on what made them feel that way. Trying to talk logic into an overly emotional child will often be fruitless.

#5. Work together as a team

Never allow yourself to feel like it’s you vs your children. Work together with them to solve problems and look for positive solutions. When there are ongoing problems in your home, such as bedtime battles, include your child in making a new plan or routine to overcome the issue. This will teach them to be problem solvers and will help them to learn conflict resolution.


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