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4 Christmas Devotions to Keep the CHRIST in Christmas

by | Dec 5, 2017 | Christian Life | 0 comments

Does anyone else here just LOVE Christmas time? I have always loved Christmas, it looks a lot different now that I’m a missionary in Africa. I haven’t had a “white Christmas” in many years, and I miss having a fresh pine tree set up in my house, but celebrating Christ’s birth is more important than that which is why I want to share some Christmas devotions for you to do alone or with your family.

What sort of Christmas traditions do you already have with your family? My husband grew up watching the sunrise every year on Christmas morning, it’s something we have tried doing but most of the time we have slept in (it’s hard – the sun rises here at 4:30am!)

I think doing a family devotion together centred on Christmas would be a great way to help you or your family stay focused on the reason for the season.

So here are some great resources for you to do Christmas devotions with your family!

#1. The Coming God Devotional from Allysha Lynn

This 3 day devotional may be short but it has the potential to launch your heart into a state of worship! Allysha originally created this for her own benefit but decided to share it with her readers. The devotional states the raw truth about Jesus’ birth and reminds us of His glorious arrival.

This is an intimate devotional you could use alone to begin a time of prayer and reflection, or you could also adapt it to use with your kids. It would be a great way to get your heart right before diving into one of the next possible devotionals on the list. I think you will enjoy it and you can download it here.

#2. 30 Days of Giving Devotional by Bless Your High Heels

This devotional is available for free on In this devotional the author Connie will take you through a verse everyday and with a real life scenario, which will help you to make a practical application of the verse into your life.

This would make a great mom and daughter study but could also be suitable for the whole family.

Stay focused on GIVING this season instead of RECEIVING with this awesome devotional. You can grab it right here!

#3. 24 Days of Christmas Themed Devotions from Seeking His Peace Blog

This extensive devotional is shared directly on the Seeking His Peace Blog which you can read here. The devotional paraphrases a piece of Scripture and includes application questions and alternative Scripture reading for deeper reflection.

The application questions section of this devotional are well suited to help you look at your own life during this season. It is so easy sometimes to “know” the reason for the season but still not actually apply it to your own life. This devotional will redirect your focus to Christ and His effect on your life. Read the devotional here.

#4. “His Story: A Guide to Understanding Biblical Events Pointing Toward Jesus” by Don Love

This 25 day curriculum from Dr. Don Love (PhD) is available on Etsy and is perfect for families who want to implement more intentionality to their holidays. A family will really enjoy doing this devotional together, and you can do as deep as you want with your children as you learn about events from the Old Testament and how they point to the coming of Jesus.

In the curriculum, activities will also be included such as Progressive Tree Trimming guide, Advent wreath candle teachings, Scripture reading chart, and songs.

Make Christmas an intentional time of true reflection and understanding. You will enjoy adding more symbolism to your family traditions and can also purchase these accompanying tree ornaments that go along with the curriculum.

For a very special way to celebrate Christmas grab the curriculum here.

Need something a bit more simple?

If you’re not sure about doing a curriculum on your own or with your family here is a simple suggestion. On Christmas Eve before bed, or on Christmas morning read the birth of Christ from the Bible. You can begin in Matthew chapter 1, or Luke chapter 2.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas season and are able to use one of these amazing devotional to help you or your family to focus on the reason for the season – the birth of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.

Merry Christmas,


The Moving Mama

The Moving Mama

Lizzy Mash is an experienced early childhood educator now living in Africa as a missionary working with children and families.

She teaches Christian moms how to take a more respectful and Christ-like approach to motherhood by using Gentle Parenting strategies.

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