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The Moving Mama is a Place to Become a Positive Parent

Are you a mom who wants to a take a more positive and respectful approach to parenting? Then you’re in the right place!

Here at The Moving Mama I am going to teach you how to take a more respectful and Christ-like approach to motherhood by using Gentle Parenting practices.

I want you to enjoy motherhood without spanking, timeouts or sticker charts. I want you to be a calm mom who can enjoy her children, without sacrificing their behaviour. I want you to LOVE motherhood and love the privilege of raising your little people to be strong, God fearing adults.

Here at The Moving Mama you’re going to find things like how to stop being an angry mom, how to use more positive language with your children, how to overcome bedtime battles and lots of free resources.

Who is Lizzy?

I am a mom like most of you, but I am also an early childhood educator turned missionary! My husband David and I currently serve in South Africa and Lesotho with the majority of our work being with children. You can read more about my life as a missionary here and how to led me to Gentle Parenting.

I take Gentle Parenting pretty seriously because I have worked with children for years in many different countries and it has shown me the importance of attachment, respect and love. I believe that children will thrive when they have a secure and trusting relationship with an adult in their life.

Although I have been practicing Gentle Parenting for years before my daughter was born, I’m definitely not the perfect Gentle Parent. I still make mistakes sometimes, I can still be selfish and want things done my way, and sometimes I just totally forget about my daughter’s feelings. But I’m working hard to be a better mom, to mother her the best I can, to show her Jesus and to take you all on this journey with me.

Let’s Change the World

Do you think Gentle Parenting could change the world? I do. The way we choose to raise our children could impact generations to come. It might be difficult to do something so different from what the other moms are doing, but with Gentle Parenting you’re not just looking for your child to “be good” in a moment, you are building them as a person, helping them BECOME a good person, not just to know how to follow rules.

We can change the world with Gentle Parenting.

I have seen first hand that children are more receptive to the Gospel when it is delivered to them with Gentle Parenting. Gentle Parenting isn’t just my parenting style, it’s my approach as a missionary as well.

I know that God has led me to Gentle Parenting and Gentle Parenting is a Christ-like approach to discipline and motherhood, so I am so blessed to love my daughter and the other children in Africa in this way.

You can start Gentle Parenting too. Sign up for Gentle Foundations for Parenting here. A free course designed to give you a kickstart in Gentle Parenting

Much love,


P.S – Sometimes I get asked why the lion? My husband’s South African tribe is represented by a lion (Tau) so we are a family of three lions 🙂

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