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Stuck in a Spiritual Pit and Finding the New Mama Groove

by | Apr 1, 2019 | Christian Life | 0 comments

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Hey there friend, have you ever noticed how a new chapter of your life can effect absolutely everything! If you start a new school program, new career, move – anything of that nature – it can really throw off your whole way of doing things!

Well what about having a baby?


After I had my daughter I saw that one of the biggest things it impacted was my spiritual life. A bit for the better, as I was constantly thanking God for my healthy little blessing, but for the most part my usual Bible reading routine was thrown off and my spiritual life was taking a back seat.

I didn’t like this and I knew I needed to do something about it.

So I accepted the fact that I was in a new chapter of my life and I needed to create a different kind of environment to succeed. This week on the blog I talked about 10 ways to nurture your spiritual life after having a baby. These suggestions really helped me, feel free to check it out and let me know if there is anything you would add to that list.

A lot of women resist the fact that life changes when you have a baby.

I didn’t like this because a lot of times people made it seem like I wouldn’t be the same person anymore – because I would be up to my eyeballs in diapers and covered in spit up or something. Yes, new mama-hood is BUSY but I am still me. I had to accept though that I needed a new way of doing things. Also in becoming a new mom I had to accept that there are a million different ways to accomplish the same goals.

And this goes for our spiritual lives as well, we can’t expect what works for someone else to work for us just as easily. Some people can sit down and read their Bible for hours on end but others need to do shorter stints throughout the day. We need to accept that we are all different and instead of comparing ourselves to others we need to determine what is right for us as an individual.

What does your relationship with God look like right now? Ideally, what would you like it to look like? For me I wish I was consistent enough to say I do read my Bible everyday, I wish it was such a priority that I couldn’t possibly get through a day without it. That’s the goal I’m working towards.

Feeling dry spiritually is normal

The truth is, it’s quite common to go through a time in your life that you feel dry spiritually, especially when your life has gone through a major transition. Don’t be discouraged! Your spiritual life can be revived again but it just might not look how it used to always look before.

Have a happy week mamas!


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The Moving Mama

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