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I’m Lizzy – a Jesus loving Early Childhood Educator and overseas missionary mama.

I’m here to teach Christian moms how to take a more respectful and Christ-like approach to motherhood by using Gentle Parenting practices.

Here at The Moving Mama, you’re going to find: 

->proven gentle parenting strategies with our faith in mind, 

->tips on early learning

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The resources here will help you to become a more intentional mama.

5 Gentle Parenting Actions for a Happy Home

Are you looking for a better way to discipline your children? A more effective way that honours God and the way He created children? Let me teach you about Gentle Parenting to transform discipline in your home. Learn how to use positive discipline to teach your child how to handle their emotions, overcome conflict, consider the feelings of others and so much more. Gentle Parenting can change your life. Here are 5 tips to get you started.

#1.Nurture your relationship with your children

Every day is a chance to lay another brick to build a strong foundation of love and trust. Prioritize relationship building moments to create an environment of love and respect. One of the most important things a child needs in order to have a successful future is a warm, trusting adult relationship. Do not worry that your affection will spoil your child.

#2. Empower your children with independent skills

When you see your child as capable and teach them new life skills, you are empowering them to do more for themselves. This will decrease power struggles and will build their confidence. When a toddler can get dressed (mostly) on their own this will decrease tantrums when they are getting dressed. For an older child, teaching them new skills will boost their confidence and help them to.

#3. Speak positively

In times of calm and in times of chaos, let the words from your mouth be positive and uplifting. Use your words to encourage your children with positive comments like, “I really like how you helped your brother clean up his mess.” In times of conflict stay calm and use words that put a positive spin on things. If you have a hard time staying calm you might want to grab these free positive mom affirmation cards. Never use your words to shame or embarrass your child, or to yell or hurt them. Stay patient even when you feel frustrated.

#4. Validate your child’s feeling

Eliminate phrases like, “Stop crying,” and “Calm down,” from your vocabulary. Allow your child to have emotions and help them to process what they are feeling. Comfort them with a hug or just letting them know you are nearby if they need anything. Even when they are feeling angry allow them to feel that way. Afterwards you can help them to understand the situation better and reflect on what made them feel that way. Trying to talk logic into an overly emotional child will often be fruitless.

#5. Work together as a team

Never allow yourself to feel like it’s you vs your children. Work together with them to solve problems and look for positive solutions. When there are ongoing problems in your home, such as bedtime battles, include your child in making a new plan or routine to overcome the issue. This will teach them to be problem solvers and will help them to learn conflict resolution.


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